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Published Journal Articles


Isomerization of n-Hexane on Binder-Free Shaped Platinum Containing Mordenite

Petroleum Chemistry (Issue : 1) (Volume : 56)
A catalyst has been prepared as binder-free shaped MOR-type zeolite in the H form promoted with 0.5 wt % platinum, and n-hexane conversion over this catalyst has been studied. It has been found that the selectivity for C4–C6 isoparaffins on the new catalyst is about 90% at 300°C, a feed space velocity of 1.5 h–1, and a hydrogen pressure of 3 MPa, with the hexane conversion being 80.0–83.0 wt % and the selectivity for isohexane making 83.0–86.0%. It has been shown that the new catalyst is stable for 50 h on-stream under these conditions.

Influence of synthesis conditions on the adsorption and catalytic properties of mordenite zeolite

Petroleum Chemistry (Issue : 2) (Volume : 54)
The effect of the preliminary holding of the BS-100 “white soot” at 150–155°C for 6 to 7 h and the crystallization conditions on both the characteristics of powdered MOR zeolite samples (degree of crystallinity, composition, particle size composition, and adsorption of C6H6 molecules) and their catalytic properties in the α-methylstyrene dimerization reaction has been studied.

Improvement of synthesis methods of powdery mordenite type zeolite

Electronic scientific journal Oil and Gas Business (Issue : 2) (Volume : 2)
For the first time the synthesis method of powdery mordenite type zeolite based on crystallization of metakaolin in sodium silicate solution at temperature 150 °C for 14 hours is developed. The zeolite having 100 % crystallinity degree crystallized from the reaction mixture (RM) with the composition 2,9Na2О ∙ Аl2О3 ∙ 12SiО2 ∙ 300H2O. Previously 10 wt. % crystal seed was introduced in RM, crystallization was carried out under continuous stirring. Implementation of the developed method allows to extend the raw materials base, simplify the synthesis and reduce the cost of powdery mordenite type zeolite.

Synthesis and Properties Exchange Forms of Granulated Binder-free Zeolite X

International Journal of Materials Engineering (Issue : 6) (Volume : 2)
Samples of crystalline aluminosilicate, the granules of which are crystalline aggregates of zeolite X with different degrees of exchange of cations Na+ for cations Ca2+, Mg2+, К+ or Н+ were synthesized. Based on obtained samples, the adsorption of Н2О, СО2, С6Н6 and n-С7Н16 in static and dynamic modes is studied. The dependencies of the amount of adsorbed substance on the type and content of exchangeable cations in zeolite X were found.

Production of activated carbon by grafting of lignin with oxidized asphalt via fused carbonization and chemical activation

National Journal of Chemistry (Volume : 31)
In this research work we aimed to graft lignin which a naturally oxygenated compound with different ratio of oxidized asphalt (contains synthetic oxygenated groups). Grafting aimed to allow the two type of the functional groups to react in the presence of small amount of base. The process conducted at 300 oC in the absence of air. Carbonization of the mixture was carried out in the presence of twice the amount of sodium hydroxide and at a temperature of 450-500 oC till no more gases evolved. The product carbon was activated by refluxing with 30% HCl. Evaluation of the activated carbon was conducted by adsorption of iodine and methylene blue. Other variables such as density, humidity, ash and surface area were also determined.