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Soil Stabilization Using Waste Plastic Bottles Fibers: A Review Paper

IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science
Nowadays plastic has a major role in our life use, but the increased usage of it led to a serious challenge which is plastic waste. Plastic waste is increasing day by day and which led to many bad disposal methods like burning and due to that there are many environmental and pollution problems. Therefore, there is a need to seek for safe and effective disposal methods to protect our plant and next generations' future. One of the effective and safe solutions is using plastic waste in civil engineering construction as this solution is eco-friendly where it will provide a safe disposal as well as in engineering there is always a seek for economical materials and as plastic waste is almost for free. In addition, adding these materials may improve the properties of the construction materials. This article reviews all the published trials of using waste plastic bottles fibers as soil improvement material to examine the effectiveness of …