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Selective Crystallization of Highly Dispersed Silicoaluminophosphate SAPO-11

The authors have proposed a method for selective crystallization of a high dispersion SAPO-11 silicoaluminophosphate molecular sieve. X-ray diffraction analysis, low-temperature nitrogen adsorption and scanning electron microscopy were used to determine the chemical and phase compositions, characteristics of the porous structure, and the morphology of SAPO-11. It has been shown that crystallization of a silicoaluminophosphate gel prepared using pseudoboehmite as a source of aluminum and aged at 90 0 C allows obtaining the above zeolite of high phase purity and a degree of crystallinity equal to 96%. According to the data of scanning electron microscopy, the obtained SAPO-11 samples are characterized by a morphology close to cubic and a crystal size from 0.2 to 0.5 µm.

Investigate the Carbon distribution and Structural Group Composition of Two Kurdistan Crude Oils (T-21A & PF2) and Their Fractions

2018 International Conference on Advanced Science and Engineering (ICOASE)
For the first time, a determination of the total content of oil fractions in KRG was made using two samples of Kurdistan crude oils on the basis of the n-d-M method. To determine the structural-group composition of crude oil, it was proposed to use Tawke T-21A and Shekhan PF2 Crude oils. This paper is devoted to the study structural group of crude oil of different deposited differs from each other in physical and chemical properties. Since the properties of the oil determine the direction and application in petroleum refinery of its processing, to assess the quality of oil n-d-M method.

Catalytic Activity of Mordenite from Natural Source in the Dimerization of α-methylstyrene

1ST International Conference on Materials Engineering & Science (IConMEAS 2018)
Studying the activity of any catalyst and selectivity toward special products is easy by selecting a module reaction, and choosing appropriatecondition. In our case the reaction of - methylstyrene dimerization was a choice to study the activity of mordenite type zeolite crystallized from natural clay mineral (kaolin P-2), and also the selectivity toward dimers.The prepared catalyst in the form of hydrogen showed that the acceptable activity and selectivity to linear dimers were (72.5%), at 80 oC, and atmospheric pressure. Different products from the dimerization of - methylstyrene over prepared catalyst was investigated, and the conversion rate reached to 73%wt.

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12th Multiphase Flow Conference and Short Course: Simulation, Experiment and Application
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