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Impact Analysis of HTTP and SYN Flood DDoS Attacks on Apache 2 and IIS 10.0 Web Servers

2018 International Conference on Advanced Science and Engineering (ICOASE)
Nowadays, continuously accessing Internet services is vital for the most of people. However, due to Denial of Service (DoS) and its severe type ‘Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS), online services becomes unavailable to users in sometimes. Rather than DDoS is dangerous and has serious impact on the Internet consumers, there are multiple types of that attack such Slowrise, ping of death and UDP, ICMP, SYN flood, etc. In this paper, the effect of HTTP and SYN flood attack on the most recent and widely used web servers is studied and evaluated. Systematic performance analysis is performed on Internet Information Service 10.0 (IIS 10.0) on Windows server 2016 and Apache 2 on Linux Ubuntu 16.04 Long Term Support (LTS) server. Furthermore, the key metrics of the performance are average response time, average CPU usage and standard deviation as a responsiveness, efficiency and stability of the web …

Distributed Cloud Computing and Distributed Parallel Computing: A Review

2018 International Conference on Advanced Science and Engineering (ICOASE)
In this paper, we present a discussion panel of two of the hottest topics in this area namely distributed parallel processing and distributed cloud computing. Various aspects have been discussed in this review paper such as concentrating on whether these topics are discussed simultaneously in any previous works. Other aspects that have been reviewed in this paper include the algorithms, which simulated in both distributed parallel computing and distributed cloud computing. The goal is to process the tasks over resources then readjusted the calculation among the servers for the sake of optimization. These help us to improve the system performance with the desired rates. During our review, we presented some articles which explain the designing of applications in distributed cloud computing while some others introduced the concept of decreasing the response time in distributed parallel computing.

Internet of Things Security: A Survey

2018 International Conference on Advanced Science and Engineering (ICOASE)
Internet of Things (IoT) is a huge number of objects which communicate over a network or the Internet. These objects are a combination of electronics, sensors, and a software to control the way of working other parts of the object. Each object generates and collects data from its environment using sensors and transfers them to other objects or a central database through a channel. Keeping this generated data and its transformation is one of the biggest challenges in IoT today and it is one of the biggest concerns of all organizations that they use the IoT technology. In this paper, the most crucial researches related to security in the IoT field have been reviewed and discussed while taking account of the great power of the Quantum Computers. Significant attributes of these studies are compared. IoT security ranges from the software layer security, board and chip, vulnerable cryptography algorithm, protocol and network …


Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Computing and Informatics
The fact that the existing Web allows people to effortlessly share data over the Internet has resulted in the accumulation of vast amounts of information available on the Web. Therefore, a powerful search technology that will allow retrieval of relevant information is one of the main requirements for the success of the Web which is complicated further due to use of many different formats for storing information. Semantic Web technology plays a major role in resolving this problem by permitting the search engines to retrieve meaningful information. Exploratory search system, a special information seeking and exploration approach, supports users who are unfamiliar with a topic or whose search goals are vague and unfocused to learn and investigate a topic through a set of activities. In order to achieve exploratory search goals Linked Open Data (LOD) can be used to help search systems in retrieving related data, so the investigation task runs smoothly. This paper provides an overview of the Semantic Web Technology , Linked Data and search strategies, followed by a survey of the state of the art Exploratory Search Systems based on LOD. Finally the systems are compared in various aspects such as algorithms, result rankings and explanations .