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Stegano-Crypto Hiding Encrypted Data in Encrypted Image Using Advanced Encryption Standard and Lossy Algorithm

Journal of Applied Computer Science & Mathematics (Issue : 9) (Volume : 20)
The Steganography is an art and science of hiding information by embedding messages within other, seemingly harmless messages and lots of researches are working in it. Proposed system is using AES Algorithm and Lossy technique to overcome the limitation of previous work and increasing the process’s speed. The sender uses AES Algorithm to encrypt message and image, then using LSB technique to hide encrypted data in encrypted message. The receive get the original data using the keys that had been used in encryption process. The proposed system has been implemented in NetBeans 7.3 software uses image and data in different size to find the system’s speed ].

Design and Implementation of RSA Algorithm using FPGA

RSA cryptographic algorithm used to encrypt and decrypt the messages to send it over the secure transmission channel like internet. The RSA algorithm is a secure, high quality, public key algorithm. In this paper, a new architecture and modeling has been proposed for RSA public key algorithm, the suggested system uses 1024-bit RSA encryption/decryption for restricted system. The system uses the multiply and square algorithm to perform modular operation. The design has been described by VHDL and simulated by using Xilinx ISE 12.2 tool. The architectures have been implemented on reconfigurable platforms FPGAs. Accomplishment when implemented on Xilinx_Spartan3 (device XC3S50, package PG208, speed -4) which confirms that the proposed architectures have minimum hardware resource, where only 29% of the chip resources are used for RSA algorithm design with realizable operating clock frequency of 68.573 MHz.

A Modified Advanced Encryption Standard Algorithm for Image Encryption

Cryptography algorithms are becoming more necessary to ensure secure data transmission, which can be used in several applications. Increasing use of images in industrial process therefore it is essential to protect the confidential image data from unauthorized access. Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is a well-known block cipher that has many benefits in data encryption process. In this paper, proposed some modification to the Advanced Encryption Standard (M-AES) to increase and reaching high level security and enhance image encryption. The modification is done by modifying the ShiftRow Transformation. Detailed results in terms of security analysis and implementation are given. Comparing the proposed algorithm with the original AES encryption algorithm shows that the proposed M-AES has more security from the cryptographic view and gives better result of security against statistical attack.