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پرسێن جڤاكى ژ گۆشه‌نیگایێن ڕه‌خنا جڤاكی د كورتیله‌ چیروكا (عشق) ا (خالد عه‌لى سلێڤانه‌ی) یدا

Humanities Journal of University of Zakho (Issue : 4) (Volume : 7)
Society is a well-combined from a group of people. It is always affected by an individual and it also affects the individual. Therefore, by social viewpoints, it can be seen that society is a combination of groups of phenomenon and traditions of those individual and groups who are living in the society, and society is defined based on that phenomenon and traditions. Hence, from texts’ viewpoints, this is very clearly shown to us that in which conditions that society lives. This study entitled as “Social Issues in terms of Social Criticism in Khalid Ali Slevani’s” Ashi” very short stories is prepared. The major aim of this study is to search the paragraph and the hidden ideas behind the words based on the social criticism, as well as to uncover the writer’s message and aims. More importantly, the main hypothesis of this study is that whether the author concealed the message behind that words and paragraphs or not? Or how many styles are used by the author to refer his ideology? Or did he become a right individual to feel the precise sufferings and sorrows of his own society? And many other questions that are answered throughout the study. If we look at the most of modern texts of prose as a method that are found in the frame of Story, short story, Passage, and very short stories, it reaches to the Realistic Method. Thus, the writer directly goes to the inner of the society itself and each attractive event and the most tragic and painful one, or a phenomena of the social phenomenon are used as a material for own literary works. Consequently, that sorrows were either discussed and were directly or indirectly criticized, additionally, a literary genre was used that the …

The Embodiment of Meaningful Rhyme in Kurdish Poetry

Zanco Journal of Humanity Sciences (Issue : 4) (Volume : 23)
The rhythm is a repetitive compound; it also affects the meaning and it leads the reader to be in the frame of feelings as well as it directly uses poet’s feelings. Accordingly, this is found from a very general perspective. But, in a particular viewpoint, the esthetic of the text turns to frame of the rhythm, in addition to all the fact that, the external musicality in the text creates the rhythm. Based on the title of the research paper-“The Embodiment of meaningful Rhyme in Kurdish Poetry”-sometimes rhythm is out of that frame and it is found in the meaningful rhyme in a way that a set of words in which are not in terms of musicality and the recurrence of the sounds are equalized nor the rule of rhyme is applied. A meaningful structure brings all together, a particular image creates a rhythm. Therefore, the moral rhythm of the poem is also directly produced at the end of the mid-verses of the text.

فه‌لیتێ قوتۆ و نارسیسم (خواندنه‌كا ڕه‌خنه‌یى ده‌روونشیكارى)

Humanities Journal of University of Zakho (Issue : 1) (Volume : 6)
Folklore literature with its various genres and elements is to be considered as source of different information about life, tradition, materials, and type of philosophy and view of Kurdish individual. Falite Qito is one of the Kurdish folkloric stories, and it is a sort of Kurdish nation’s biography in which it demonstrates tradition, chivalry, bravery along with evilness and corruption. Undoubtedly, literature as its structure, either literary meaning or content, is not left from phycology whether it is related to a psychological state of the writer or reader and character as well. So, each literary text could be read and analyses from different prospective and psychological states. Accordingly, this study is a psychoanalytic study which attempts to read the psychological state of Falite Qito’s mind as a main character in folkloric story of Falite Qito. This study entitled “Falite Qito and Narcissism (Psychoanalytic and critical reading)” it investigates the personality of Falite Qito and his psychological state of mind in terms of mental disordering and narcissism or his further self-love and status in the society. The study is prepared based on the descriptive analysis and ultimately it concludes that Falite Qito is mentally turned to be narcissist, and all his behaviors and actions are the outcomes of that narcissism.

شڕۆڤه‌كرنا گۆتارا ڕه‌خنه‌ییا ڕۆژناما برایه‌تى (لدویڤ پێكهێنه‌رێن جڤاكناسى–واتایێن ڤه‌ن لیۆن) ى

Humanities Journal of University of Zakho (Issue : 3) (Volume : 4)
The concept of Discourse for its understanding is to be considered as an important topic In terms of Critical discourse analysis. Language is the holder of Ideology; ideology is embodied in behaviors and social practice by the help of Language. Therefore, we could identify the idea and ideology and of these writers’ texts through analyzing the given texts. Critical Discourse analysis is related to the linguistics criticism field. To highlight this point that the discourse is a meaningful part of language and it is the holder of targeting characteristics. The advantages are taken from the Van Leeuwen’s Semantics and Essential style of Sociology. The aims of this study is knowing the Brayati Newspaper’s Ideology, and for this purpose,(26) Volumes of Brayati Newspaper are taken. The important questions of this study are to know whether the newspaper has a specified ideology, and how it was indicated. It is to be concluded from the results of the taken samples’ analysis that there is a relationship between the conditions of the period during 11th March Treaty and the influential Article on the newspaper. Brayati Newspaper has a clear article in terms of feelings and power. The influential Article on the Brayati newspaper is a challenging against Iraqi Communist Party, it is the same article in which stands against the Central Bureau of that party.

مه‌ره‌مێن خودى د هزرا مه‌لایێ جزیریدا

Humanities Journal of University of Zakho (Issue : 2) (Volume : 2)
The study of hermontics has not been dealt with as a scientific approach to the applied studies of the Kurdish literature criticism so that the reader can understand texts in a new different way concerning the achievement of self-delight. In order to achieve the main purpose, one of Mulla Jiziri’s poems has been studied and analyzed hermontically to show the subjective view of the poet. This is a contribution to make the reader be able to have an exact idea about the poet’s thought and cerebration. Hence, the reader can have new dimensions in understanding the texts, approaching to the poet’s thinking more closely.

هه‌لسه‌نگاندنا ناڤه‌رۆكا په‌رتووكێن زمانێ ئنگلیزى ل قۆناغێن ده‌هێ و یازدێ لدویڤ هاوكێشا Fog و نێرینا مامۆستایێن وى بیاڤى ل باژێرێ زاخۆ

Humanities Journal of University of Zakho (Issue : 1) (Volume : 2)
It has been noticed that many education programs and teaching syllabi do not reflect our modern life requirements educationally and socially. This leads to learners' failure in the teaching process. That is why, if these teaching programs and syllabi, especially books, are evaluated and assessed and their advantages and disadvantages are shown, the educational system in our country will step forward and develop well. The present study, titled" The Assessment of the English Books Content for the Preparatory Fourth and Fifth Grades According to Fog's Equation and the Evaluation of English Teachers in Zakho City", tries to evaluate the content of English books, taking the English teachers' opinions into consideration. The total number of teachers who answered the questions in a previously prepared questionnaire was 52. The results of study were achieved through content analysis method, using T and F statistics and multiple comparison correlations.