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The environmental effects of dust phenomena in Iraq and the legal framework to confront them- الجهود الدولية والعراقية في مواجهة العواصف الغبارية

مجلة رسالة الحقوق- Risalat al-huquq Journal (Issue : 10) (Volume : 2)
environmental impacts of the biggest problems facing the international community as the increasing number of the world's population and concentration in a specific area, and the progress of scientific and technological, and the wide range of urban, industrial and agricultural activity, and tampering with the use of natural resources without taking the surrounding environmental considerations led to the emergence of a number of problems environmental, including air pollution, soil and water, and the decline of vegetation, and a decrease of other natural resources, and military operations deployed in most countries of the world, the sharp change in the global climate, Become components and resources and environmental living and non-living suffer from the serious effects due to these factors. In this context comes the legal rules to address this threat developed through the Environmental Law (Environmental Law) of this section of the Law on Environment and Human natural surrounding water, air and living organisms and Freezers this as well as emerging human interaction with these factors and associated conditions and factors include so economic factors, cultural, social.

قياس اتجاهات طلبة جامعة زاخو نحو جريمة الإبادة الجماعية و علاقته ببعض المتغيرات Measurement of attitudes of students of Zakho University toward genocide and its relationship …

گۆڤاری توێژەر (Issue : 1) (Volume : 1)
The aim of study is to testify the statistical hypotheses concerning the significant differences between attitudes of students of Zakho University toward genocide according to the variables of the study in the academic year (2016/2017). The population and the sample of the research consists of (385) students of Zakho University, which have been selected randomly. The researchers used a questionnaire include of (14) items. The results of the research showed that members of research's sample haven't a negative attitudes toward genocide, which means they hereafter no fear from it, also there is statistical significant differences among them according to the variables of class, and specialization, and no statistical significant differences among them according to the variable of gender, level of families economic and cultural situation, religion and their fathers task. Keywords: Measurement, attitude, University students, genocide.

حق التعليم في المعاهدات الدولية والدستور العراقي- Right to education in international conventions and Iraqi constitution

Risalat al-huquq Journal-مجلة رسالة الحقوق (Issue : 10) (Volume : 1)
US forces invaded Iraq illegally with the declared aim of dismantling the Iraqi state in the first work after the Second World War and the emergence of the United Nations, whose charter prohibits the use of force in the resolution of disputes between states. After the occupation, social science focused on the question of state building and development models. There are few books about the destruction of countries and the destruction of development, but today, thirteen years after the war and the occupation, we can firmly assert that the elimination of the country was a political and deliberate goal. More than 2 million civilians have been displaced, more than 2 million Iraqis have been displaced from their areas of residence, and social infrastructure, including electricity, drinking water and sanitation systems, has deteriorated and more than 8 million Iraqis need humanitarian assistance. The UNESCO report entitled" Education in Iraq under attack distributed on 10 February 2010 concludes that despite the overall improvement in security in Iraq, the situation faced by schools, students, teachers and academics is at risk.