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MSc. English Language


B.A. English Language and Literature


Professional Experience

My personal philosophy of teaching and learning is a product of many influences including experience, instruction, a melding of the philosophies of past educators and an intrinsic sense of what is right. I have attempted to capsulate this philosophy in the seven belief statements that follow. I believe learners are individuals who bring a unique set of needs and abilities to the classroom and that they should be encouraged to become responsible for their own learning, especially as they mature. I believe that a teacher’s primary role is that of a facilitator of learning, creating opportunities for learning which improve the chances of student success. I believe that the learning process is multifaceted, unique to each student, yet containing unifying threads of purpose in addressing the student as a whole person. I believe the curriculum is a set of criteria designed, as much as possible, to meet the needs of students and should be offered to them in as compelling a manner as possible. I believe that the learning environment is a shared, public place that must be welcoming, safe, and the responsibility of those who share it. I believe it is important to recognize and embrace the diversity that arises from the milieu as it provides a myriad of opportunities to enhance student learning and growth. Finally, I believe if I am to be a good facilitator of the learning of others, I must embrace opportunities to expand my own learning on an ongoing, life-long basis. This includes allowing myself time to be critically reflective. These seven belief statements form the core of my current philosophy of teaching and learning. This is an evolving philosophy that is heavily influenced by experience and driven by a passion for teaching and a passion for learning. It is my hope that these passions will combine to kindle a similar passion for learning in the students in my care.

[2018-01 – Present] – Head of Department of English Language, College of Basic Education at University of Zakho

[2018-04 - 2018-12] – English Language Trainer for DNO oil company at Tawke Block, Zakho, Kurdistan Region – Iraq

[2013-10 - 2017-12] – Assistant Lecturer, Faculty of Humanities, Department of Engish Language, University of Zakho Responsibilities: teaching linguistics and English language.

[2016-01 ‑ 2018-06] – Nawroz University, Duhok Visiting lecturer Responsibilities: teaching general English language skills

[2015-09 ‑ 2016-03] – Career Specialist University of Zakho Career Development Centre (CDC) Responsibilities: Creating links between the university and the private sector through holding workshops and seminars to help students develop their employability skills and thus increase their job opportunities.

[2014-01 ‑ 2014-07] – Technical Institute, Duhok Polytechnic University Visiting lecturer Responsibilities: Teaching English language skills to large multi-level classes.

[2014-01 ‑ 2014-07] – University of Zakho Member of Examinations Committee Responsibilities: Keeping students records and grades, monitoring of confidential data, and filing.

[2013-04 ‑ 2013-10] – University of Duhok Assistant Researcher Responsibilities: Filing, keeping students' records, invigilation in final exams, and acting as examinations committee member.

[2010-10 ‑ 2011-04] – Deyari Company for General Trade Translator and Interpreter Responsibilities: 1) Translated contracts from English to Kurdish and Arabic and vice versa. 2) Communicated with foreign affiliates and customers in English and Arabic via email and on the phone. 3) Interpreted during meetings with foreign affiliates.

Academic Title




Assistant Lecturer


Published Journal Articles


The Use of Presuppositions in the Short Story of Zilkê Şixatê (Matchstick)


An Analysis of the Pronouncing of English Monophthongs by Kurdish EFL University Students (Northern Kurmanji Speakers)