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The pathogenesis of Helicobacter pylori associated diseases

• The epidemiology of H. pylori related infection and antibiotic sensitivity • The role of H. pylori virulence factors (cagA, vacA, dupA, and babA2 blood group antigen-binding adhesin) in disease process • The role of smoking and gender in immune response in H. pylori infected tissues and Studying the immune response to H. pylori by measuring IL-4, IL-10, IL-12, IFNgamma and FOXP3 mRNA. • Study of bacterial-host cell interactions and the role of dupA in the inflammatory process Techniques used: • PCR • RAPD-PCR • iPCR • RT-PCR • ELISA • Southern blotting • Western blotting • Tissue Culture ( PBMC, AGS, ST16, MKN45 and MKN 28) • Immune Cell Purification

The effect of Clostridia difficile toxin B on myofibroblasts.

• Measured the mitochondrial dehydrogenase activity via MTT assay Technique Used • Tissue Culture (Caco2) • ELISA