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Modernist Narrative in Kurmanji Fiction

Generally thought of as the representation of the real world through fictional settings and characters, or the reflection of society and the identity, novel, this dissertation is seen as a tool for lending voices to the unrepresented and suppressed individuals or groups in the nation-states. In the case of the Kurdish narrative, the novel can be defined as a representative tool for social and factual issues, political implications, and existential functions regarding cultural preservation. In this dissertation, I argue that the Kurdish novel as a modern narrative is neither truly fictional nor analogous with the updated form of world novel; but rather, a form of narrative that represents the reality of the Kurdish people in the countries they inhabit.

Religious Perspective in Hardy's Tess of the d'Urbervilles

The conflict between science and religion reached almost the red-line during the Victorian Age. For the industry that Victorian brought, it was virtuous for some people and vicious for the rest. It had rapidly grown up by invading every part of England. Thus I can say controversially; destruction and construction started everywhere. Agnosticism increased among people and attendance of religious institutions decreased. Atheism rivaled the faith of Christianity in such impression that the outcome was unbearable in many cases, as it is clear in writings of George Eliot, Thomas Hardy, Charles Darwin and some other writers of the age. Nevertheless, Victorian age is marked as the revival of religion with moral behavior which is called “Victorianism”. This study sheds light on religious perspectives reflected in Hardy's Tess of the d'Urebervilles.